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T 08/06/14


T 08 06 14 72dpi

Colourful Mountains

Colourful Mountains made up of various triangles.


Colourful Mountains


Mirrored Triangles Pattern

New Order – Power, Corruption and Lies – Geometric Album Cover

My favourite album from New Order has to be the classic, Power, Corruption and Lies.
What would always struck me was the cover. A classical painting of a bunch of flowers?
Genius move their by Peter Saville.

Here I have give the cover the geometric remix.

New Order Power Triangle Cover

Morrissey LEGO cover

Someone got me onto lego album covers today. Pretty much the same thing as Pantone, and Pixels just with lego bricks.
It’s a shame they aren’t REAL lego 3d bricks, but then what is REAL anymore?

I would like to make some with the real lego bricks, just don’t know if I can get enough of the right colours.

Here is the Morrissey Autobiography made out of Lego blocks.

Morrissey Autobio Lego Cover

Triangles – Circle

More triangles for 2014.Triangles Circle 72 dpi


Spiderweb A to Z

Here is a playful type set I came up with a few weeks ago.
It’s a form or Helvetica with the outline of each letter removed and just the inside lines remaining. Or Spiderwebs if you will.

Spiderweb Font a-z

Sprinkles Explosion

Just made this…..Sprinkles Square Mess