Roxy Music – Roxy Music Pantone

The self titled album from Roxy Music (well the first self-titled album, they had a total of 8 studio albums and I think 6 were self-titled, on the cover that is) is, in my mind, one of the greatest art-rock albums of all time. The critics will tell you that album number two ‘For Your Pleasure’ is the one to get. But while that is a fantastic album, it doesn’t have the strange ‘other-worldness’ that this album has. I am always trying to discover a new band that has the same sensibilities as the first Roxy Music album…but am always let down.

The album is perfect. And no where more so than the cover. The cover girl is Kari-Ann. and this album is from 1972. So quite unusual at the time for a band to have a 50’s sort of pin-up girl on the cover. This was the start of the glam period in music.

I have given the Pantone Swatch treatment to this cover. You might notice that it’s the full, double spread cover. I love the cover that much.

I also did this Pantone Swatch image of the cover a month or so back, but never put it up. You can see the image is made up of more swatches and therefore more detail.


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