8-Bit Bear – Street Art Take 1

So over the weekend I made my first foray into the world of Street Art.

I had planned on making a different image, but due to my limited paint colours and location of the wall I decided to make an 8 bit Bear out of pixels. ( as you do ).

I was very hesitant to start painting on the wall and spent the first hour trying to size everything up, then took the plunge and started to spray.
It took a good 6 hours before I started to really feel like the process was taking shape. I was always thinking to myself ‘what will I do, if it’s shit?’.

But over the course of two days and a full 10 hours later (and one sore arm)  I managed to finish it just before a storm hit. (funny how a thunder can spur one on to finish something).

The bear is made up of roughly 1,224 individually spray painted squares. (some painted over a couple of times).
Each square is 50 mm by 50 mm and the total size is 2200 mm by 16 mm. (or almost 2 Inches by 2 Inches and total size 87 inches by 63 inches.)

If you are in my lovely city of Christchurch, New Zealand, then the next time you head to New Brighton look down the side of the old Bar 25 (Pier end of New Brighton).
Also check out all the other amazing murals which have sprung up over November in Brighton.

Finished Bear with flash to show the metallic paint

View from the street

View from a distance

View from another angle



Close up of Bear from an angle

Trash Tag made with my Futura Stamp Kit


I am super happy with the way the bear turned out and can’t wait to start-up on another one. It’s honestly one of the best things I have accomplished art-wise so far.
Hell, in general. And I got some ideas that I can’t wait to make nice n big up on walls around the city.

So, anyone got any spare walls I can paint on?????


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