Colored Dot Experiment

During the first week of my graphic design studies at the start of 2011 I had all these crazy ideas i wanted to try out.
I had the time then…and it was before all of the bad stuff that went down in 2011 in Christchurch and for me personally. Thankfully i now have the time…be it a little too much time to reflect and post some of these ideas.

I was flicking through the ‘Contemporary Graphic Design’ book by Taschen Press and found myself drawn into the work or Daniel Eatock.
His work is often playful and so simple, but beautiful at the same time.

His “Felt Tip Print” experiment was so simple but stunning. Hold various coloured pens in place on layers of paper and see how the colour soaks through the sheets of paper. I had to try this……I took it a step further by completely filling up the entire shape with pen ink. 24 HOURS LATER…yes…I spent at least 24 hours holding the pens in place over the period of a few days to create the following 3 Coloured Dot pages. There was a forth page, but I can’t find it at the moment for some reason.

I loved the way the ink started to bleed into each other….if I had the money I would splash out and buy every colour to make even more.
But for now enjoy this…

Page 1 – Top LayerColour Dots Page 1

Page 2 – Next layer downColour Dots Page 2

Page 3 – Bottom layerColour Dots Page 3





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