Square – Dashes Pattern

A square made up of lot’s of small dashes. And a nice big smudge of coffee just to annoy me.

People often say to me “don’t you get bored making those?”
I answer “no”. I find it quite calming.
I enjoy the repetitive process of the simple action. In this case, just a tiny dash followed by another one.
I often have in mind what the final image might look like, but it’s rarely the same.
I find that very liberating.

Square - Dashes



3 thoughts on “Square – Dashes Pattern

  1. Thank you for encapsulating what I struggle to explain to people sometimes…. my “its process work, I like process work” just doesn’t seem to cut it with some folk…. they really need to go work in a factory for awhile…. bliss for the doer thinker!

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