I was flying on a plane last week. I closed my eyes to escape the people around me.
I then kept seeing flashes of a cross shape in my closed eyes. I quickly pulled my note-book out and drew the below cross with concentric cross shapes.
I really mucked up the top towards the end…but hey…I was tired and on a plane.

Does anyone else find it interesting that all of my work is always made up of repeated lines or shapes? I didn’t think much about that till just recently when I had a good look over my work from the last year. It’s all made up of shapes / lines / dots / to form a larger image or piece of work.

None of us is complete and I like the idea of every tiny particle being integral to the larger piece of work.

I need to start to know when to stop working on something. Lately I have been going to far with pieces…It really annoys me when I add a stroke or line and it takes it over the edge.



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