The Future

Will we live in a world like this?

The Future


Squiggly Line Circle

Squiggly Line Circle thing.
Blue ink on paper.Blue Squiggles Circle



Sprinkles Pixel

Hi guys.
Been a bit slack with my blog posts and so have a lot of catching up to do.

Here is a nice colorful pixel image I made of some Sprinkles a few weeks ago.

New Zealand Map – Mess

I am working on a map of New Zealand for a local design magazine and still not quite sure how it will turn out.
While mucking about before I made this abstract wee map.
I like the colours and shapes that turned up out of nowhere.

NZ Map mess

How Soon Is Now – Typography

Hey all. Been awhile since I have posted anything up on this blog.
Bit slack with that. But never fear, for I have still been working on lot’s of new and old projects.

Here is a fully colored Smiths / Morrissey typography project I finished over the weekend.

How soon is now Drawing Colour

The Sun # 3

Pink Bliss

An experiment with more complicated shapes.
Pink Bliss

The Sun # 2

Here is a second attempt at a nice ‘geometric sun with texture’.The Sun #2

The Sun

Today I thought I would give one of those ‘geometries with a retro feel’ images a go.
They seem to be so ‘on trend’ right now.

Here is my first attempt.
The Sun.

The Sun - Triangles

Triangle Mess # 1

I am working on some new business cards for myself and like the idea of having just a nice something on the front side.
No logo as such. Just some sort of image thought would encapsulate my work.

Here is my first prototype. I have gone back and added colour to my ‘Triangle Mess’ hand drawn illustrations.

Triangle Mess Coloured # 1